Professional Education Sequence

A foundation for all

All teacher education students fulfill a required professional education sequence. This gives everyone a shared foundation to build upon as you add your individual major coursework and field experiences. 

Coursework, Waivers & Substitutions

 Please note, a passing grade for each of the professional education sequence courses is set at a C- or higher.    

Level I Semester Hours
TEACHING 2017 Field Experience: Exploring Teaching 1
EDPSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development 3
SPED 3150 Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners
(Pre-req: EDPSYCH2030)
INSTTECH 1031 Education Technology and Design 3


Level II Semester Hours
TEACHING 3128 Field Experience: Teacher as a Change Agent 1
EDPSYCH 3148 Learning and Motivation 3
MEASRES 3150 Classroom Assessment 2


Level III Semester Hours
SOCFOUND 3119 Schools and American Society 3
TEACHING 4170 Human Relations: Awareness and Applications 3


Level IV (Student Teaching) Semester Hours
TEACHING 31XX Field Experience: Student Teaching 12
Total 33


Waivers and Substitutions:

The following courses are waived only for these education majors:
INSTTECH 1031—Art, Business, Technology Education, Modern Language, Music, Physical Education, Secondary Science, Secondary Mathematics and TESOL
SPED 3150—Physical Education
MEASRES 3150— Early Childhood & Music

The following courses are substitutions for only these education majors:

MEASRES 3150—Physical Education substitute PEMES 3174 for MEASRES 3150

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