Faculty & Staff Directory

A shared commitment

More than 230 faculty, staff and administrators support the Educator Preparation Program. They represent more than 20 disciplines and bring their expertise in teaching and their specific subject areas to nearly 2,000 students yearly. 



EPP Directory: Education  

Radhi Al-MabukEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesProfessor
Morgan AndersonEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Dana Atwood-BlaineCurriculum & InstructionAssistant Professor
Megan BalongTeachingInstructor
Allison BarnessCurriculum & InstructionAssistant Professor
Lois BergerCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Robert BoodyEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesHead & Professor
Karen BreitbachTeachingInstructor
Shelly BromwichTeachingInstructor
Gregory BourassaEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Chen, Eva (Yi-Ju) Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Sunah ChungCurriculum & InstructionAssistant Professor
Kerri CloptonEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Erin ConlanCATS OfficeAcademic Advisor, 2+2
Jenny ConnollyCATS OfficeDirector of Advising
Michelle CookHealth, Recreation & Community ServicesInstructor
James (J.D.) CryerTeachingAssistant Professor
Robin DadaCurriculum & Instruction/Special EducationHead & Professor
Kristine DonnellySpecial EducationInstructor
Carrie ElserTeaching Instructor
Laura EdwardsCurriculum & InstructionAssistant Professor
Scott EllisonEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Heather FerdenCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Benjamin ForsythCOE Office of Advising & Teacher Education Success (CATS) OfficeDirector or Educator Preparation Program
Suzanne FreedmanEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesProfessor
Anthony GabrieleEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesProfessor
Magdalena GallowayCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Barbara GagerCATS OfficeAcademic Advisor
Timothy GilsonEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Marcie HaggeEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Kyle HaimanCATS OfficeAcademic Advisor
Beth HarrisTeachingInstructor
Becky HawbakerTeachingAssistant Professor
Kenneth HayesEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Leasha HenriksenTeaching Instructor
David Hernández-SacaSpecial EducationAssistant Professor
Melanie HillTeachingInstructor
Theresa HirstSpecial EducationInstructor
Sherri HoffmanTeachingInstructor
Audra HootmanCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Marcus HoraContinuing Education & Special ProgramsInstructor
Wu-Ying HsiehSpecial EducationAssociate Professor
Kim HuckstadtEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Elana JoramEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesProfessor
Ashley JorgensenTeachingInstructor
Gabriel KeehnEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Kady KorbelTeachingInstructor
Karla KruegerCurriculum & Instruction Associate Professor
Mason KuhnCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Sheryl LarsonTeachingInstructor
Amy LockhartTeachingAssistant Professor
Taraneh Matloob-HaghanikarCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Linda McCartneyContinuing Education & Special ProgramsInstructor
Shuaib MeachamCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Sohyun MeachamCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Cheryl MellerCurriculum & InstructionSecretary II
Kim MillerTeachingInstructor
Sarah MontgomeryCurriculum & InstructionProfessor
Colleen MulhollandDean's Office/Curriculum & InstructionDean, College of Education & Professor
Neil MullenTeachingInstructor
Theo MuhayimanaEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Amy NielsenSpecial EducationProfessor
Curt NielsenTeachingAssistant Professor
Lori Norton-MeierCurriculum & InstructionProfessor
Harun ParpucuEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Allison PatteeCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Karen PlatteCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Meredith PecinovskyCATS OfficeAcademic Advisor
Tamara PowersCATS OfficeClinical Placement Coordinator & Advisor
Shelley Price-WilliamsEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Ronda ReidEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Ronald RinehartEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Kelly RohlfTeachingInstructor
Mary Beth RyghTeachingInstructor
David SchmidEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Stephanie SchmitzEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Kathleen SchollHealth, Recreation & Community ServicesHead & Professor
Ryan SchollCATS OfficeSecretary III
Nicole SkaarEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssociate Professor
Amy StaplesSpecial EducationAssociate Professor
Jim StichterTeachingInstructor
Desislava StoychevaEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Mary SultEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesInstructor
Denise TallaksonCurriculum & InstructionInstructor
Joan Bessman TaylorCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Matt TownsleyEducational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership StudiesAssistant Professor
Deanne UbbenCurriculum & Instruction

Secretary III


Sarah Vander ZandenCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Steve VanderPolTeachingInstructor 
Beth Dykstra Van MeeterenCurriculum & InstructionProfessor
Carolyn WeberCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Alisa WeeksCurriculum & Instruction

Secretary II


Timothy WeihCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor
Nancy WhiteCurriculum & Instruction Instructor
Lori WurtzCATS OfficeSecretary III
Leigh ZeitzCurriculum & InstructionAssociate Professor 


EPP Directory: Humanities, Arts & Sciences

Pam ArgotsingerMathematicsInstructor
Erika BassLanguages & LiteraturesAssistant Professor
Alison BeharkaScience EducationInstructor
Sheila BensonLanguages & LiteraturesAssociate Professor
Ken BleileCommunication Sciences & DisordersProfessor
Todd BohnenkampCommunication Sciences & DisordersAssociate Professor
Karen BreitbachScience EducationInstructor
Angela BurdaCommunication Sciences & DisordersProfessor
Jeffery ByrdArt Professor
Kimberly ConnerMathematicsFaculty
Michael ConradSchool of Music

Assistant Professor


Jeffrey CopelandLanguages & Literatures Professor
Dawn Del CarloScience EducationProfessor
Sarah DiehlCommunication Sciences & DisordersInstructor
Elena DobrilaLanguages & LiteraturesInstructor
Suzanne DrippsCommunication Sciences & DisordersClinic Director
Kevin DroeSchool of MusicAssociate Professor
Carmen DurhamLanguages & LiteraturesAssistant Professor
Evette EdmisterCommunication Sciences & DisordersAssociate Professor
Hilal ErgulLanguages & LiteraturesAssistant Professor
Lawrence EscaladaScience EducationHead & Professor
Samuel EskelsonMathematicsAssistant Professor
Aliza FonesLanguages & LiteraturesAssistant Professor
Heather GallivanMathematicsAssociate Professor
Jaimie GilbertCommunication Sciences & Disorders

Assistant Professor


Josh GordonLanguages & LiteraturesAssistant Professor
Samantha GossArt

Assistant Professor


Kyle GrayScience Education

Associate Professor


Pamela HartmanScience EducationInstructor
Bill HarwoodChemistry & BiochemistryHead & Professor
Elizabeth HughesMathematics



Eric LangeTheater

Head & Associate Professor


Caroline LedeboerLanguages & LiteraturesAdvisor
Ryan McGeoughCommunication & MediaHead & Associate Professor
Justin MertzSchool of MusicAssistant Professor
Catherine MillerMathematicsProfessor
Wendy MillerArtAssociate Professor
Jeff MorganScience EducationAssociate Professor 
Siobahn MorganEarth & Environmental SciencesHead & Professor
Douglas MupasiriMathematicsHead & Professor
Lauren NelsonCommunication Sciences & DisordersHead & Associate Professor
Katie O'BrienCommunication Sciences & DisordersInstructor
Jim O'LoughlinLanguages & LiteraturesHead & Professor
Gabriela OlivaresAcademic AffairsAssociate Professor
Laura PittsCommunication Sciences & DisordersAssistant Professor
Linda Reardon-LowryBiologyAcademic Advisor
Adam ReillyApplied Engineering & Technical ManagementInstructor
Lisa RiedleApplied Engineering & Technical ManagementHead & Professor
Suzanne RiehlMathematicsProfessor
Kyle RudickCommunication & MediaAssociate Professor
Chepina RumseyMathematicsAssociate Professor
Ben SchaferComputer ScienceAssociate Professor
Marcy SeaveyAcademic AffairsSTEM Coordinator
Paul ShandPhysicsHead & Professor
Doug ShawMathematicsProfessor
Theresa SpradlingBiologyHead & Professor
Aaron SpurrEarth & Environmental Sciences, Science EducationInstructor
Lindsey SquiresCommunication Sciences & DisordersAssistant Professor
Olof SteinthorsdottirMathematicsAssociate Professor
Elizabeth SuttonArtHead & Professor
Michelle SwansonSchool of MusicAssistant Professor
Brian TownsendMathematicsProfessor
Jesse WilcoxBiologyAssistant Professor
Elizabeth ZwanzigerLanguages & LiteraturesAssociate Professor


EPP Directory: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Kenneth AtkinsonHistoryProfessor
Brenda BassDean's OfficeDean, CSBS, & Professor
Greg BruessDean's OfficeAssociate Dean & Professor
Adam ButlerPsychologyHead

Tam Burt

Olivia Chen

Kinesiology & Athletic Training

School of Applied Human Sciences


Assistant Professor

HyeYoung ChoKinesiology & Athletic TrainingAssistant Professor
Chad ChristopherHistoryInstructor
Darcie Davis-GageSchool of Applied Human SciencesAssociate Professor
Rodney DieserHealth, Recreation & Community ServicesProfessor
Fabio FontanaKinesiology & Athletic TrainingProfessor
James HallKinesiology & Athletic TrainingInstructor
Eran HankeSchool of Applied Human SciencesAssistant Professor
Donna HoffmanPolitical ScienceProfessor
Kim HurleyKinesiology & Athletic TrainingAssociate Professor
Mickey MackKinesiology & Athletic TrainingProfessor
Jennifer McNabbHistoryHead & Professor
Kristin Meany-WalenSchool of Applied Human SciencesInstructor
Terence MoriartyKinesiology & Athletic TrainingAssistant Professor
Alex OberleGeographyProfessor
Scott PetersPolitical ScienceHead
Jacob ReedKinesiology & Athletic TrainingAssistant Professor
Lisa TaborGeographyAssistant Professor
Matt VasquezSocial WorkAssociate Professor
Windee WeissKinesiology & Athletic TrainingProfessor
Mark WelfordGeographyHead & Professor


EPP Directory: Business

Name Department/Unit Position
Jennifer Anderson College of Business Instructor
Leslie Wilson College of Business Dean, Business & Professor