As a teaching major, you’ll quickly learn your goal is to become endorsed to teach at your chosen level and in specific subject areas. It can get confusing. Keep in mind:

  • When UNI grants you an undergraduate teaching degree in various majors and minors, the coursework is aligned with Iowa requirements to teach at the various levels and among specific subjects. 
  • In turn, the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners grants you an endorsement to teach based on completion of coursework which has been approved by the state. 

Endorsements usually match up with the major or minor you earn. 

  • Some broad-based majors – like comprehensive secondary science education – qualify you for several endorsements. 
  • You can also earn additional endorsements based on approved coursework in areas in which a minor is not offered. A couple of examples:
    • The early childhood education (PreK-K) endorsement, earned as part of the early childhood education major or minor. 
    • Endorsements for several disciplines, such as 5-12 American history, based on coursework within the “specialist” social science teaching degree.

As you enter and complete student teaching, it’s good to get familiar with these endorsements. That’s the language that your school administrators will speak when hiring. 


Guide to Endorsements

Major or Minor or Certificate leading to:Iowa Endorsement
Art education minor (K-8, 5-12)

#113: K-8 Art

#114: 5-12 Art

Basic science teaching minor (K-8)#150: K-8 Science: Basic
Biology teaching major (5-12)#151: 5-12 Biological Science
Biology teaching minor (5-12)#151: 5-12 Biological Science (in conjunction with first endorsement in another science)
Business teaching major (5-12)#171: 5-12 Business--All
Chemistry teaching major (5-12)#152: 5-12 Chemistry
Coaching minor (K-12)#101: K-12 Athletic Coach
Communication-theatre teaching major (5-12)#168: 5-12 Speech Communications/Theatre
Communication-theatre teaching minor (5-12)#168: 5-12 Speech Communications/Theatre
Comprehensive secondary science teaching major (5-12)

#1541: 5-12 Basic Science

#185: 5-12 All Science

#151: 5-12 Biological Science

#151: 5-12 Chemistry

#156: 5-12 Physics

Computer science education certificate (5-12)#278: 5-12 Computer Science
Early childhood education teaching major (Birth to Grade 3)#1001 Birth through grade 3, inclusive settings 
Deaf or hard of hearing (birth-21)#266 Birth-21 Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Early childhood education minor (PreK-K) #103 PreK-Kindergarten (in conjunction with K-6 elementary education)
Early childhood special education teaching minor (PreK-K) #262 PreK-K Early Childhood Special Education
Earth science teaching major (5-12)#153: 5-12 Earth Science
Earth science teaching minor (5-12)#153: 5-12 Earth Science (in conjunction with secondary education major)
Elementary education major  (K-6)#102 K-6 Teacher Elementary Classroom
English teaching major (5-12)#120: 5-12 English/Language Arts
English teaching minor (5-12)#120: 5-12 English/Language Arts
Health education minor  (K-12)

#138: 5-12 Health 

#137: K-8 Health

History teaching major (5-12)

#158: 5-12 American History

#166: 5-12 World History

Literacy education minor: Reading (K-8, 5-12)

#148: K-8 Reading

#149: 5-12 Reading

#119: K-8 English/Language Arts

Mathematics teaching major (5-12)#143: 5-12 Mathematics
Mathematics teaching minor (K-8, 5-12)

#142: K-8 Mathematics OR

#143: 5-12 Mathematics

Middle level (5-8) dual major with elementary education

2 of these 4, based on emphasis:

#1821 5-8 Middle School Language Arts
#1822 5-8 Middle School Mathematics

#1823 5-8 Middle School Science

#1824 5-8 Middle School Social Studies

Middle level (5-8) dual major with secondary education

2 of these 4, based on emphasis:

#1821 5-8 Middle School Language Arts
#1822 5-8 Middle School Mathematics

#1823 5-8 Middle School Science

#1824 5-8 Middle School Social Studies

Middle level science education dual major (5-8)

#1541 : 5-12 Basic Science

#1823 : 5-8 Middle School Science

#1821: 5-8 Middle School Language Arts


#1822: 5-8 Mathematics


# 1824: 5-8 Middle School Social Studies

Music education major (K-8, 5-12)#144: K-8 Music
#145: 5-12 Music
Physical education teaching major  (K-8, 5-12)

#146: K-8 Physical Education

#147: 5-12 Physical Education

Physics teaching major  (5-12)#156: 5-12 Physics
Social science teaching major A – Specialist

Leads to endorsement to teach in three areas among the following: 

#157: 5-12 American government

#158: 5-12: American history

#159: 5-12 Anthropology

#160: 5-12 Economics

#161: 5-12 Geography

#163: 5-12 Psychology

#165: 5-12 Sociology

#166: 5-12 World history 

Social science teaching major B - Generalist#186 – 5-12 All Social Sciences
Social science teaching major C – Basic#1861– 5-12 Social Sciences-Basic
Social studies teaching minor (K-8)#164: K-8 Social Studies
Spanish teaching major  (5-12)#134: 5-12 Spanish
Spanish teaching minor (5-12)

#133: K-8 Spanish (in conjunction with elementary education)

#134: 5-12 Spanish (in conjunction with secondary education)

Special education teaching instructional strategist I: mild/moderate

#260: Instructional strategist I (K-8)

#261: Instructional strategist I (5-12)


Special education teaching instructional strategist II: intellectual disabilities (K-12)

#264: Instructional strategist II (K-12) 


STEM education (K-8, 5-8)

#975: K-8 STEM Teaching

#976: 5-8 STEM Teaching (if already have first endorsement in math, science or technology education)

TESOL teaching major (K-12)#104: K-12 English as a Second Language
TESOL teaching minor (K-12)#104: K-12 English as a Second Language
TESOL/Spanish teaching (K-12)

#104: K-12 English as a Second Language

#133: K-8 Spanish

#134: 5-12 Spanish

Technology and engineering education (5-12)#140: 5-12 Industrial Technology
Technology education teaching minor  (5-12)#140: 5-12 Industrial Technology