Governance & Membership

The leadership and oversight of the UNI Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is marked by shared governance. The governing structure consists of:

  • EPP Leadership Team (College of Education Dean, Associate Dean of Educator Preparation, EPP Faculty Chair) 
  • Executive Council
  • Elementary Teacher Education Senate
  • Secondary Teacher Education Senate 
  • Graduate Licensure Council
  • Associate Dean of Educator Preparation 
  • Clinical Placement Administrator and Licensing Advisor

The Educator Preparation faculty is part of the total University Faculty, as defined in Article I, Section 1, of the Constitution of the Faculty of the University of Northern Iowa. Affiliate members are university staff, such as professional and scientific and merit staff, who support the program. Standing committees with specific responsibilities related to maintaining and exceeding compliance requirements established by Chapter 79 report to the Executive Council, senates or graduate licensure council. The Executive Council also may appoint ad hoc committees as needed. 

Members include required faculty voting memberships, voluntary voting memberships and non-voting affiliates. Membership automatically continues unless the member discontinues affiliation with the teacher education program or the university; has a leave of absence; or voluntary or affiliate members request to discontinue. Members can request a change of status by contacting Sarah Vander Zanden, Educator Preparation Faculty Chair.

Executive Council 

  • Dean, College of Education: Colleen Mulholland (chair)
  • Dean, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences: Maureen Clayton, Associate Dean (designee) 
  • Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences: Brenda Bass
  • Dean, College of Business Administration: Leslie Wilson
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education: Benjamin Forsyth, College of Education 
  • Educator Preparation Faculty Chair: Sarah VanderZanden, College of Education
  • Lori Wurtz, CATS Secretary, College of Education
  • Secondary Teacher Education Senate: Kevin Droe, School of Music, College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences 
  • Elementary Teacher Education Senate: Amy Staples, Special Education
  • Graduate Licensure Council: Nicole Skaar, Educational Psychology, Foundations and Leadership Studies, College of Education


Teacher Education Senates & Council 

Elementary Teacher Education Senate

  • Benjamin Forsyth, Associate Dean, COE (non-voting)
  • Sarah VanderZanden, EPP Faculty Chair & Teacher Education Senate Chair (non-voting)
  • Sheri Hoffman, Department of Teaching 
  • Amy Staples, Special Education
  • Michelle Swanson, Music Education
  • Maddie Steffen, Student Representative
  • Scott Ellison, Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership Studies
  • Carolyn Weber, Middle Level
  • Karla Krueger, Curriculum & Instruction (Elementary Education)
  • Allison Pattee, Curriculum & Instruction (Early Childhood)
  • Sam Eskelson, Mathematics Education
  • Wendy Miller, Art Education
  • Kim Hurley, Physical Education
  • Sunah Chung, Curriculum & Instruction (Literacy)
  • Chrys Hulton, Practitioner Representative
  • Maddie Steffen, Student Representative

    Agendas & Minutes

Secondary Teacher Education Senate

  • Benjamin Forsyth, Associate Dean, COE (non-voting)
  • Sarah VanderZanden, EPP Faculty Chair & Teacher Education Senate Chair (non-voting)
  • Morgan Anderson, Educational Psychology, Foundations & Leadership Studies
  • Ashley Jorgensen, Department of Teaching
  • Jennifer Anderson, Business Education
  • Chad Christopher, Social Sciences/History Education
  • Kimberly Conner, Mathematics Education
  • Karen Breitbach, Science Education
  • Sheila Benson , English Education
  • Hilal Ergül, TESOL/World Languages
  • Kyle Rudick, Communication-Theatre Education
  • Lisa Riedle, Technology & Engineering (non-voting)
  • Kevin Droe, Music Education
  • Samantha Goss, Art Education
  • David Hernandez-Saca, Special Education
  • Tam Burt, Physical Education/Health Education
  • Ben Schafer, Computer Science Education
  • Meggan Barrow, Student Representative
  • Mike Hansel, Practitioner Representative

‌Agendas & Minutes


Joint Teacher Education Senate

‌Agendas & Minutes

Graduate Licensure Council

  • Rebecca Dickinson, Social Work
  • Joan Bessman-Taylor, Library Science
  • Darcie Davis-Gage, Counseling
  • Jennifer Garrett, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Kenneth Hayes, Principal Preparation Program
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Chair (non-voting)
  • Benjamin Forsyth, Associate Dean, EPP (non-voting) COE
  • Nicole Skaar, School Psychology

Boards & Committees

Advisory Boards

Undergraduate Teacher Education Student Advisory Council

‌Assessment Committee

  • Benjamin Forsyth, COE
  • Jennifer Anderson, CBiz
  • Stephanie Schmitz,  COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden EPP Faculty (Chair) (ex officio), COE 

Clinical Committee

  • Megan Balong, (Co-Chair), COE
  • Samantha Goss, CHAS
  • Sherri Hoffman, COE
  • Catherine Miller, CHAS
  • Kim Miller (Co-Chair), COE
  • Mary Beth Rygh, COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Faculty (Chair), (ex-officio), CHAS

Convocation Committee 

  • Allison Barness, COE
  • Chad Christopher, CSBS
  • Lawrence Escalada, CHAS
  • Benjamin Forsyth 
    (Chair), COE
  • Stacy McGauvran-Hruby, COE
  • Denise Tallakson, COE
  • Amy Curley, COE
  • Jenny Connolly, COE
  • Becky Hawbaker, COE
  • Lori Wurtz, CATS Secretary (non-voting), COE

Curriculum Committee

  • Chad Christopher (Chair), CSBS
  • JD Cryer, Elementary, COE
  • Alison Beharka, Secondary, CHAS 
  • Benjamin Forsyth, COE
  • Meredith Pecinovsky, COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Faculty (Chair), (ex officio), COE

‌Diversity Committee

  • Aliza Fones (Co-Chair), CHAS
  • Heather Gallivan
    (Co-Chair), CHAS
  • Amy Nielsen, COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Faculty (Chair), (ex officio), COE

Faculty Committee

  • Kevin Droe, CHAS
  • Ashley Jorgensen, COE
  • Becky Hawbaker, COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Faculty (Chair), 
  • Lori Wurtz, CATS Secretary (non-voting), COE

Teacher Candidate Professional Review Committee

  • Wendy Miller, CHAS
  • Amy Lockhart, COE
  • Benjamin Forsyth, Chair, COE
  • Barbara Gager, COE
  • Sarah Vander Zanden, EPP Faculty (Chair), (ex officio), CHAS