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COVID-19: Updates for UNI Teacher Education Program 

While the UNI campus community is encouraged to work and study remotely, the Office of Teacher Education staff remains accessible during regular business hours via email. If you have any questions, please contact teacher.education@uni.edu. We are here to help!

Statement from the UNI Executive Council of Teacher Education

On March 25, 2020, the UNI Executive Council of Teacher Education affirmed the following guidance:  

To operationalize Section 11 of the Governor's emergency proclamation issued March 16, 2020 providing a temporary suspension of Iowa Code to the extent that they require a minimum number of hours of field experience. 

  • With our P12 school partners facing unknown challenges on a daily basis as they work with their own students, families, and collaborative teams, we must provide the grace and space they need at this time. This means all school-based clinical/field experience will end no later than Friday, March 27, 2020. However, even though the field-based component of classes is not available at this time, classes are to continue with instructors providing alternate learning experiences in creative, novel ways to best meet the requirements of these classes online. 
  • Student teaching: Student teachers should work directly with their UNI student teaching coordinator on expectations for the remainder of the semester.  Student teaching coordinators will continue to assess, individualize and further support student teachers toward completion of student teaching requirements. The last day of student teaching will be Friday, May 1, 2020.
  • Field experience (Level 3): Students enrolled in Level 3 methods courses should work directly with their methods instructor on expectations for the remainder of the semester. Instructors will continue to assess, individualize and further support students toward the completion of Level 3 methods course requirements.    
  • Field experience (Level 1 and 2): Students enrolled in Level 1 and Level 2 field experience should work directly with their UNI field experience coordinator on expectations for the remainder of the semester. Field experience coordinators will continue to assess, individualize and further support students toward the completion of Level 1 or Level 2 course requirements.

To continue to support UNI students toward degree and career goals of becoming a teacher, the following outlines allowance for Admission to Teacher Education:     

  • Effective immediately and until further notice, requirements for UNI Admission to Teacher Education are suspended. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their academic advisor on the details specific to their individual plan of study. Students should not encounter registration holds related to Admission to Teacher Education for the upcoming Summer and Fall 2020 course registration. Students should contact their academic advisor with questions.

Convocation cancelled 

In accordance with university guidelines related to COVID-19, the spring 2020 Teacher Education Convocation Induction Ceremony has been cancelled. We hope to see many of our 223 inductees at our fall ceremony. 

Praxis exams suspended

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, UNI Exam Services has suspended giving exams. According to ETS, which administers and scores the Praxis exams, it will waive fees for test rescheduling, if necessary. ETS notes you will be able to reschedule tests. Turnaround time for score reports and service levels in its call center may be impacted. 

You can find information on test center closures, when centers will re-open and how to reschedule on the ETS Praxis information page

How will this affect my registration for summer and fall classes at UNI? Recommendation for licensure or graduation? 
We are currently working through the process to ensure a smooth registration and pathway to graduation and licensure. 

If you have additional concerns or questions, please contact the Office of Teacher Education at teachereducation@uni.edu


Iowa's Premier Teacher Education Program 

The University of Northern Iowa is highly respected as a premier teacher education program. For more than 140 years, UNI has been a leader in pre-K through 12 education. UNI graduates more than 450 teacher education students each year -- joining the 17,000 plus UNI alumni educators throughout the world. UNI's teacher education program includes early childhood, elementary, middle and high school school programs, with a variety of majors including mathematics, science, English, art and music to name a few.

One of the key strengths of UNI's teacher education program is the hands-on learning students experience in real world classrooms, giving students diverse opportunities in both urban and rural schools. UNI professors lead and partner with many state and national education programs addressing teacher effectiveness and student learning, allowing our students an opportunity to engage in innovative research and teaching practices.

E-mail the Office of Teacher Education

Elementary Education Program Coordinator - JD.Cryer@uni.edu

Record Analyst for the Teacher Education Program - Julie.Johnson@uni.edu

Secretary III for the Teacher Education Program - Lori.Wurtz@uni.edu