Welcome to UNI Teacher Education

UNITED Access for Advisors


žThe UNITED system shows students and advisors the progress candidates are making through the teacher education program. 


How to view UNITED as an advisor

ž1. Log into MyUNIverse. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Help Desk at 3-5555 for assistance.
ž2. Go to the Work@UNI Tab, find the My Administrative Access channel, click “UNITED Advisor View” (SW21). If you do not have this view, contact the Office of Teacher Education.
3. Click the “View Stu Progress” link on the navigation bar
4. You can search for a student by his/her name, student ID (University ID) or major code OR hit the “Show all my advisees” button
5. Click the corresponding University ID in the list.
ž*Green check marks indicate which requirements the student have met.  The absence of a green check mark means the may have not met the requirement yet.
ž*Purple lines are hyperlinked to more information.