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UNI Teacher Education Background Check Procedures


Required Background Checks

SING Background Check

The UNI Teacher Education Program requires all teacher candidates to complete the SING background check before teacher candidates begin their first field experience at UNI. The background check is valid during the duration of MOST Teacher Education candidates' program of study.* For this background check the Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (IDCI) will review the Child Abuse Registry, Dependent Abuse Registry, Iowa Criminal History Record and Sex Offender Registry to ensure the safety of children in the PK-12th grade schools.  Click here to access the required SING Background Check Forms.

After completing the SING Background Check forms, you may submit these to the UNI College of Education Advising & Teacher Education Success Office (CATS), 151 SEC, along with a nonrefundable payment fee of $15.00 (required by IDHS). You may pay in cash, by check or money order.  If you pay in cash you must have exactly $15.00.  We are unable to make change.  If you pay in check or money order please make it payable to UNI-Teacher Education.  We cannot add this expense to your u-bill.

FBI Background Check—Only for Early Childhood Education Majors

This additional background check is required by the Iowa Department of Human Services for only Early Childhood Education majors.  This background check is valid for four years.  No other major needs to complete this special background check. You must come to the UNI College of Education Advising & Teacher Education Success Office (CATS) to access the required FBI Background Check Forms unless other arrangements have been made.

Mailing Option for Background Check Submission

You also may mail your SING Background Check forms and FBI Background Check forms to:

                College of Education Advising & Teacher Education Success Office (CATS)
                Schindler Education Center 151
                1227 W. 27th ST
                Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0602

Where to Find Your Certificate of Completion

We will post a certificate of completion for you in My Universe after we have processed the background check(s) with IDHS and IDCI.  We will not email you or call you to let you know the background check is done. Allow at least one week for processing from the time you turn in your forms.  To access and/or print your certificate:

  • Log in to MyUNIverse
  • Go to the My Page tab
  • Find the Teacher Education heading
  • Click on Certificate Viewer
  • Click on Verification of SING Background check.

Students should carry a copy of their background check certificate with them when they are at a field experience.

UNI Teacher Education Program Application Student Self-Reporting of Alleged Criminal Misconduct Policy

When applying to the UNI Teacher Education Program students must read and acknowledge the UNI Teacher Education Program’s policy for self-reporting of alleged criminal misconduct.  Click here to access this policy.

SING Background Check Self-Reporting Letter Guidelines

If a student has been charged with an act of criminal misconduct, they must complete a Self-Reporting Letter and submit this to the UNI Office of Teacher Education.  Click here for the Self-Reporting Letter Guidelines.


Contact the CATS Office in SEC 151, teachereducation @uni.edu, (319) 273-2265 if you have additional questions about these procedures.


 *Early Childhood Education majors, take the SING background check every two years. Additionally, in some cases in which alleged criminal misconduct has occurred after the first SING background check, the Teacher Education Program may require a candidate to complete a second SING background check.