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UNI Teacher Education Background Check Procedures


Required Background Checks

SING Background Check--The UNI Teacher Education Program requires MOST students to complete this background check one time during their program of study.  The SING Background Check needs to be completed before students begin their first field experience at UNI.  The exception is Early Childhood Majors who must complete a SING Background Check every two years.

FBI Background Check--Only for Early Childhood Education Majors.  This additional background check is required by the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS). This background check is valid for four (4) years. No other majors need to complete this special background check.


I need to complete a background check for my first UNI field experience:

SING Background Check Forms (.pdf)

What are the procedures for Background Checks at UNI?

SING Background Check Procedures (.pdf)

I am applying to Teacher Education and I must read the Background Check Policy or I am interested in seeing UNI's Background Check Policy:

SING Background Check Policy (.pdf)

I am in a field experience or between field experiences and I have been ticketed.  What do I do?

SING Background Check Self Reporting Letter Guidelines (.pdf)