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Teacher Work Samples (TWS)

Teacher work samples (TWS) are exhibits of teaching performance that provide direct evidence of a candidate’s ability to design and implement standards-based instruction, assess student learning and reflect on the teaching and learning process. Also, teacher work samples are teaching exhibits that can provide credible evidence of a candidate’s ability to facilitate learning of all students. Teacher work samples are one source of evidence along with classroom observations and other measures to assess performance relative to national and state teaching standards.

The TWS requires teacher candidates to plan and teach a two-week standards-based unit consisting of seven components:

  1. Contextual Factors
  2. Learning Goals
  3. Assessment
  4. Design for Instruction
  5. Instructional Decision Making
  6. Analysis of Student Learning
  7. Self-Evaluation and Reflection

The TWS at UNI includes:

  1. seven teaching performance standards with performance indicators,
  2. a performance prompt or a set of teaching tasks related to the seven performance standards,
  3. a scoring rubric for judging candidate’s performance, and
  4. the candidate’s teaching exhibits consisting of 20 pages of narrative plus attachments that show evidence of teaching performance directly related to each student.

Teacher Work Sample Materials

The following materials are designed to support the development of the Teacher Work Sample for student teaching. Assignments in earlier clinical experiences (e.g. Level 2 which is typically taken at Price Laboratory School) may have some adaptations of these. For information about the adapted Level 2 materials, see

For Students:

TWS Cover Page

Teacher Work Sample Prompt and Scoring Guide: Here's the essential information for creating your Teacher Work Sample

Tips for Preparing The Teacher Work Sample: A 16 page prompt for developing the Teacher Work Sample for student teachers.

Scored Examples of Teacher Work Samples: Annotated examples of scored Teacher Work Samples produced by student teachers.

Roadmap: Description of where each of the teaching processes should show up in the Teacher Work Sample. For example, contextual factors should be addressed in learning goals, assessment, design of instruction, and instructional decision making and not simply described in the section on Contextual Factors.

For Faculty (In addition to above):

Mentoring Manual: Designed for those who assist candidates in developing the Teacher Work Sample at any level of the program.

The Teacher Work Sample archives are located in 182 Schindler and may be used for curriculum evaluation and faculty research. For further information, contact Barry Wilson at