Welcome to UNI Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program Progression

Decision Point #1

Admission to UNI

  • Gain admission to UNI and declare a teacher education major
  • Fill out SING Background Check paperwork and submit this to the Office of Teacher Education (SEC 152)
  • Successfully complete the following courses with a C- or higher:

    • INSTTECH 1031 Educational Technology and Design (Elementary or Secondary Majors) OR INSTTECH 1020* Secondary Educational Technology and Design (Secondary Majors Only)

    • EDPSYCH 2030 Dynamics of Human Development

    • TEACHING 2017 Field Experience: Exploring Teaching

    • SPED 3150* Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in Classrooms

  • Complete an Application to the Teacher Education Program as soon as you are enrolled in TEACHING 2017 or equivalent

  • Attend OSHA (Blood-borne Pathogens) training, offered at the beginning of each semester


Decision Point #2

Admission to the UNI Teacher Education Program

  • Continue to meet all program course and GPA requirements

  • Complete online High-Risk Behaviors and Substance Abuse training

  • Successfully complete the following courses with a C- or higher:

    • EDPSYCH 3148 Learning and Motivation in Classroom Context

    • TEACHING 3128 Field Experience: Teacher as a Change Agent

    • MEASRES 3150* Classroom Assessment

  • Resolve any existing “Notifications of Concern" (NoC)


Decision Point #3

Admission to Student Teaching

  • Successful completion (C or higher) of required methods courses including a "Level 3 Field Experience"

  • Resolve any existing “Notifications of Concern" (NoC)

  • Attend Child Abuse Awareness training, offered at the start of each semester

  • Successfully complete the following courses with a C- or higher:

    • SOCFOUND 3119 Schools & American Society

    • TEACHING 4170 Human Relations


Decision Point #4--Requirements

Recommendation for Licensure

  • Successfully complete student teaching requirements:
    • TEACHING: XXXX Student Teaching

  • Ensure all Major and Minor GPA requirements are met
  • Revolve any existing “Notifications of Concern" (NoC)
  • Complete Application for License with the Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE)


*Waivers and Substitutions:


The following courses are waived for only these education majors:

  • INSTTECH 1020—Art, Business, Technology Education, Modern Language, Music, Secondary Science, Secondary Mathematics, and TESOL
  • SPED 3150—Physical Education
  • MEASRES 3150—Music, Early Childhood

The following courses are substitutions for only these education majors:

  • INSTTECH 1031—Physical Education substitute PEMES 2031
  • MEASRES 3150—Physical Education substitute PEMES 3174