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Teacher Education Faculty

Chairperson 2016-2018 - Dr. Benjamin Forsyth (


The Teacher Education Faculty (TEF) The Teacher Education Faculty of the University of Northern Iowa exists as part of the total University Faculty, which is defined in Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Faculty of the University of Northern Iowa.  The primary functions of the Teacher Education Faculty are to provide educational experiences and set policy associated with teacher education programs at the University.  Membership on the Teacher Education Faculty is restricted as defined in the UNI Teacher Education Program Bylaws.

Affiliates of Teacher Education University staff supporting the teacher education program, such as Professional and Scientific and Merit, will be considered Affiliates of Teacher Education and will be included in a communication network administered through the Office of Teacher Education.

Teacher Education Governing Bodies  The main governing structure for Teacher Education at the University of Northern Iowa consists of an Executive Council, two Senates (one Elementary and one Secondary) (See the UNI Teacher Education Program Organizational Chart), and two Coordinators of Teacher Education (one Elementary and one Secondary). Standing committees with specific teacher education program responsibilities related to maintaining and exceeding compliance requirements established by Chapter 79 report to the Senates and the Executive Council. Ad hoc committees are appointed by the Coordinators and/or Executive Council as needed.


Members of the Teacher Education Faculty consist of voting and nonvoting members.  Membership is based on the nature of the teaching assignment. The following categories constitute the Teacher Education Faculty membership:

  1. Required voting faculty membership: All faculty who regularly teach Professional Education Sequence courses or methods courses in any College or supervise Professional Education Sequence field experiences are required voting members and are identified/confirmed each year by the Coordinators of Teacher Education and academic department heads.
  2. Voluntary voting membership: Faculty outside of the above areas who are involved in coursework in teacher education, content-area coursework, research, academic advising, or administration, as well as term instructor, adjunct, and Professional and Scientific personnel, and others whose responsibilities regularly make a significant contribution to the program may apply to be voluntary voting faculty members of the TEF. Applications are submitted to the Coordinators of Teacher Education who will jointly review the applications and present membership recommendations to their respective Senates for approval. Each applicant shall be notified by the Coordinators of Teacher Education of his/her membership and voting status. If an application is denied, the letter shall include information regarding the reason for denial. Applicants may then submit a letter to the Teacher Education Executive Council, requesting reconsideration. 
  3. Non-voting Affiliates:  University employees can become Affiliate members by asking the Teacher Education Coordinators to add them to the TEF-All electronic listserv in order to receive communication, updates, and other important information pertaining to Teacher Education.

Membership Continuation

Teacher Education Faculty membership will be automatically continued except under the following conditions: discontinuation of affiliation with the teacher education program or the university, leave of absence, or Voluntary Member or Affiliate member request to discontinue. Members who wish to change their membership status may do so by notifying the Office of Teacher Education in writing. 


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