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Teacher Education Curriculum Committee

Teacher Education Curriculum Committee Co-chaired by the Coordinators, and comprised of the two Senate professional sequence representatives and one additional representative chosen by each Senate and approved by the Associate Provost.  Functions include:

  • Monitor individual teacher education programs and the Teacher Education Program as a whole for compliance with all aspects of Chap 79.15: Teacher preparation candidate knowledge, skills, and dispositions standard
  • Regularly review licensure core related courses to ensure that all programs provide high quality coursework related to Chap. 79.15(3)-79.15(7).
  • Review all teacher education related curriculum proposals and make recommendations for approval or rejection to the Teacher Education Senates, and all other curricular approval bodies.
  • Examine best practices in the area of teacher education curriculum and develop recommendations for systematic curricular improvements.

University Review Process



Coordinator of Elementary Teacher Education,  J.D. Cryer (Co-chair)

Coordinator of Secondary Teacher Education, Chad Christopher (Co-Chair)

Elementary Teacher Education Senate Representative, Professional sequence - Scott Ellison

Secondary Teacher Education Senate Representative, Professional sequence - Ben Forsyth

Secondary Teacher Education Senate Representative, major  - Kevin Droe