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FAR Addendum

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Addendum to Year-End Annual/Activity Report: For Professional Education Faculty (teaching methods faculty and Professional Education Sequence faculty) as defined by Chapter 79: Standards for Practitioner and Administrator Preparation Programs, Code of Iowa, effective November 14, 2007.


  1. Faculty Standards 281—79.12(256)  For each item, discuss how your work this academic year in Teacher Education differs from that of non-teacher education faculty members:




  1. 79.12(4) Faculty members collaborate regularly and in significant ways with colleagues in the professional education unit and other college/university units, schools, the department, area education agencies, and professional associations as well as community representatives.




  1. 79.12(3) Faculty are engaged in professional development as well as scholarly and service activities that relate to teaching, learning, and practitioner preparation.




  1. 79.12(2) Faculty members instruct and model best practices in teaching, including the assessment of their own effectiveness as related to candidate performance. (e.g.: What evidence of student performance are you using to reflect upon your teaching? Do not include UNI course assessments in this section.)


  1. 79.12(6) Faculty members preparing practitioner candidates maintain an ongoing, meaningful involvement in activities in preschools, elementary, middle, or secondary schools. A minimum of 60 hours of activities of such activities shall include team teaching during the period between approval visits [5-7 years]. A maximum of 30 hours of the 60-hour requirement may be completed by supervising pre-service candidates in P-12 classroom settings.


(The extent of documentation is dependent upon your department expectations.)


               Team teaching in schools during this period:                                    ____ total hours

               Observation of field experience students during this period:           ____ total hours


TEACHING, continued:


2.   Syllabus (attach one syllabus per methods course for each term you teach): Contains the following elements, per state requirements:

  1. Program Mission of Teacher Education (“Educating for Reflective Practice” or “Preparing reflective, responsible decision makers in a global and diverse, democratic society”.)
  2. INTASC (2011) (.pdf)
  3. Objectives, matched to appropriate Standards (note: there is no one prescribed format)
  4. Secondary and Special Areas Only (methods course syllabus):
    1. evidence of teaching and assessing reading in the content area
    2. evidence of teaching and assessing classroom management
    3. evidence of teaching and assessing collaborative teaching with the following populations:

i)     special learners

ii)     at risk students (effective fall 2009)

iii)    gifted and talented (effective fall 2009)

iv)    English Language Learners (effective fall 2009)


Note:      The “Letter of Agreement,” the addendum to the year-end report, the INTASC (2011) Standards, and the example of a syllabus are all located on http://www.uni.edu/teached web site, under “Information for Faculty” under these three headings: “Professional Education Faculty,” “Accreditation Documents,” and “Unit/Teaching Tools.”