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Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators [Praxis Core]


UNI now offers the Praxis Core test for admission to the UNI Teacher Education Program.  This test is computer-based only (except for students needing accommodations). If you need accommodations for disabilities or health-related needs or if your primary language is not English do not hesitate to request such assistance through ETS.


This test consists of three subtests, each with a cut off score based on a scale of 100-200 and a total score requirement:

  • Reading: test # 5712                cut off score    138
  • Writing: test #5722                   cut off score    142
  • Mathematics: test #5732          cut off score    115
  • Total score requirement            448 or higher
  • Test code for combined test:  #5751 (all three sections)


The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Study Companion document (ETS) describes the purpose and structure of each subtest.  In brief, the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators subtests measure whether candidates entering a teacher preparation program have the necessary reading, writing, and mathematical knowledge/skills.

Each subtest is administered and scored separately.

  • Reading: The 85-minute subtest contains 56 multiple-choice items covering three content areas: Key Ideas and Details, Craft, Structure and Language Skills, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.
  • Writing: The 100-minute subtest contains 40 multiple-choice items covering two content areas: Text Types, Purposes and Production and Language and Research Skills for Writing plus essay.
  • Mathematics: The 85-minute subtest contains 56 multiple-choice and numeric-entry items covering four content areas: Number and Quantity, Algebra and Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

In order to be fully admitted to Teacher Education prior to registering you should submit your application to the Teacher Education office one month before registration begins. Also you will need to make sure your Praxis Core Test scores arrive at that time, not meeting these deadlines may cause delays in your registration for classes that require admission to the UNI Teacher Education Program.

Registration Information:  Consult the ETS testing site for registration informationwww.ets.org/praxis.  The Praxis Core is ONLY available in the computer-delivered format.


Costs:  As of August 1, 2015, ETS charges for 2015-2016 is $150 for the combined test (#5751). If you need to retake one section, the cost is $90.00. You must pay ETS direct. You cannot put the Praxis Core charges on your U-Bill.

Score Reports: The Office of Teacher Education can ONLY accept official scores from ETS for admission purposes. In order for UNI to receive an official copy of your score from ETS you must use 6307 as the recipient code to indicate UNI as the institution. The office will NOT accept a student’s test taker report! It is the student’s responsibility to make sure UNI receives an OFFICIAL score report.


Reporting for taking the Praxis test and what to take:  You will receive information from ETS telling you where/when to report and what to do on test day.  Print this information and take it with you to your testing center.  Be sure to take a government issued ID.  Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Drivers license with photo and signature
  • State ID with photo and signature
  • Passport with photo and signature – for non-US citizens

When you register for the Praxis tests be SURE to use your name exactly as it appears on the acceptable ID that you are using. The test center personnel cannot allow you to take the test if the name on your ID does not match the name on the registration list that they have.


Note: if you do NOT have your ID at the testing site you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to take the exam! This results in you having to register again (and pay again!!).

Getting Your Scores: You can get your scores only by going through the ETS website. These scores will be available to you for only a limited amount of time after you have taken the exam. If you do not check your scores in time, ETS will charge you for access to them. Once your scores are available, you are strongly urged to print off at least one hard copy of your score report form (please store it safely) AND to save an electronic copy as well. The Office of Teacher Education will receive a copy of your scores ONLY if you instruct ETS to do this. Unfortunately, students sometimes fail to tell ETS to send us their scores, or they provide incorrect information about where to send the scores. In either case, it can cost you additional money later to ensure that the Office of Teacher Education gets an official copy of your scores. You should allow a minimum of two weeks for your official scores to become available. The Office of Teacher Education can ONLY accept official scores from ETS for admission purposes. The office will NOT accept a student’s test taker report!

Praxis Core retake:  You can retake the exam(s) and there is no limit to the number of times.  Just remember – each time you

take an exam there is a fee!  ETS does require that you wait 21 days before retaking a section.  We suggest preparing for the very first exam that you take!


Test preparation:  ETS site – The ETS web site provides multiple test preparation materials. Go to https://www.ets.org/praxis/prepare/materials.  Some of the following items are available once you select the specific test:  Study Companion (pdf), Test as a Glance (pdf), Strategies for Success video, Computer-Delivered Test Demonstration, and What to expect on the day of your computer-delivered test.


IRTS Lab—The Office of Teacher Education has purchased Mometrix (the publisher) Praxis study guide workbooks as a supplement to the ETS Praxis Study Companions.  These supplemental booklets are available for checkout in the UNI IRTS Lab (202 Schindler Education Center).

Rob Library - Free help is also available at The Learning Center, located on the main floor of the Rod Library.  The Center's phone number is 319-273-6023, and its website is https://tlc.uni.edu/.  Free online Praxis preparation material, including practice tests, are available through the Brainfuse data base




Acceptance of Praxis I (PPST)Tests for Admission to UNI Teacher Education



If you have taken Praxis I (PPST) prior to August 31, 2014, but do not apply for admission to the UNI Teacher Education Program until after August 2014, your passing PPST scores will still be accepted.  If you have not satisfied the PPST score requirements by August 2014, you will be required to take all three sections of the Praxis Core tests and satisfy the cut off scores for those tests.  Contact the UNI Teacher Education Office (Schindler Education Center 152, 319-273-2265) if you have questions regarding the Praxis tests.