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Notifications of Concern & Professional Competencies


The University of Northern Iowa Teacher Education Program expects all students to acquire professional competencies within four basic areas:

  • Skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening, computation, etc.)
  • Content Knowledge (factual accuracy, conceptual or procedural understanding, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.)
  • Pedagogy or Performance (rapport with students, instructional strategies, classroom management, responses to diversity, confidence, etc.)
  • Dispositions (attendance, respect, responsibility, initiative, judgment, honesty, collaboration skills, coping strategies, self-awareness, etc.)

Faculty and staff at UNI are committed to assisting students toward developing these professional competencies throughout their studies. On occasion, if a student falls well below one or more of these expected professional competencies, a Notification of Concern form is filed with the CATS Office as a means of initiating a formal effort to help the student make improvements. A Notification of Concern (NoC) is internal to the teacher education program (meaning it will not show up on transcripts or be broadcast to future employers). However, they should be taken seriously, because they can halt progress through the teacher education program if left unresolved. Here are the four main steps to resolve an NoC: 

  1. Upon receiving an email alerting you that you have received an NoC, respond promptly (within 5 days) via the instructions in the email. If you have any questions regarding the instructions, contact the CATS Office at 319-273-2265, or email teachereducation@uni.edu
  2. Work with the initiator of the NoC and/or the CATS Office on a plan of action to remove the concern. This plan of action will depend upon nature of the concern. For small concerns, it may be simply acknowledging the issue. For larger concerns, a series of actions may be necessary.
  3. Complete the plan of action.
  4. Once the plan of action is completed, the initiator of the NoC, or in some cases the CATS Office, will formally "resolve" the concern. Once resolved, a “flag” is removed from your UNITED records screen so you can continue to progress through the program.

There are rare cases where the NoC process can become much more serious. This generally occurs for three reasons: 1) a student completely ignores an NoC, 2) three or more NoC's are filed,” or 3) an individual concern is considered extremely problematic. In these atypical cases a Teacher Candidate Professional Review Committee will be asked to consider your suspension for a minimum of one year from the teacher education program. Suspended students have the right to appeal the process by which the Teacher Candidate Professional Review Committee determined suspension was warranted.