Welcome to UNI Teacher Education

Monitor Your Progress (UNITED)

The UNI Teacher Education Data (UNITED) system is your page that shows the progress you have made in moving through the four decision points (.pdf) such as:

  • Praxis Core Scores (no longer required as of July 1, 2020) 
  • Grades from Professional Ed Sequence courses
  • Grades from your methods course(s)
  • Assessments from specific field experiences
  • Praxis II Scores
  • Student Teaching Evaluations
  • Whether or not you have a Notification of Concern that needs resolving

Green check marks indicate which requirements you have met.  The absence of a green check mark means you have not met the requirement yet.

You can tell if you have passed a decision point when a green checkmark is to the left of the Decision Point Header.

You can access your own records by going to:

  1. Begin on the main UNI webpage
  2. Click on the MyUNIverse link
  3. Enter your CatID login information when requested
  4. My Page tab
  5. Scroll down to Performance Assessment System, and click on this link
  6. Click on the View My Progress link

Who can access this screen? You, your advisor, personnel involved in the coordination and supervision of student teaching (i.e., Office of Student Field Experiences), and personnel in the Office of Teacher Education have access to your performance summary.  a professor who files a Notification of Concern also has access to that notification, but NOT other aspects of your academic record. 

Who can put evaluations on your page?  Your performance is rated during field experiences by your professors and cooperating teachers.

How long will this Assessment System be available for you to use after you graduate? Forever. You will be able to open up your evaluations to print and share with others for such things as future employment and applications to graduate school.