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COVID-19 Updates

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Praxis II Testing No Longer Required (Updated: June 14, 2022) 

With passage of Iowa House File 2081 and the governor's signature on June 13, 2022, Ann Lebo, director of the Iowa Department of Education, has confirmed that the Praxis II exam is no longer required for Iowa licensure, retroactive to July 1, 2013. The College of Education Advising and Teacher Education Success (CATS) Office will begin the process of notifying past students who were unable to pass the tset that they are now eligible to aply for a teaching licensue, assuing all other requiremetns for the license have been met, says Benjamin Forsyth, director of educator preparation. Read more on the impact for current and past students.  

Teacher Education Convocation & Celebration Returns

After an absence of more than two years due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Teacher Education Convocation & Celebration returns on April 6 at the McLeod Center. Last held in October 2019, the ceremony celebrates formal admission into the UNI Teacher Education program, a milestone in educator preparation. The celebration dates back 30 years and was held fall and spring semesters until the COVID-19 interruption. All 2,200 students were invited, along with faculty and friends and family. Mike Fisher, superintendent of Charles City schools, served as the guest speaker; Ann Lebo, director of the Iowa Department of Education, also shared remarks. (Following the celebration, the convocation was featured in InsideUNI.)