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UNI Educator Preparation Program Vision/Mission/Belief Statements


The UNI Educator Preparation Program seeks to be an influential source of excellence in knowledge and practice in education. We strive to inspire educators to effectively 1) apply content and pedagogy in practical settings, 2) navigate changing social and political contexts to promote social justice, and 3) demonstrate competence in leadership, advocacy, and collaboration.


The UNI Educator Preparation Program provides an authentic and challenging education that empowers candidates to serve as reflective, professional educators who advocate for students, schools, communities, and the profession in a dynamic and changing world.

Belief Statements

UNI Educator Preparation Program professionals believe the following are key components of a strong educator preparation program:

1. Candidates must deeply understand and reflect on their content and pedagogy.

2. Candidates must engage in rich, purposeful, and authentic field-based experiences to develop appropriate dispositions and practices.

3. Candidates have a responsibility to understand historical, social, cultural, and political contexts and how they impact education.

4. Candidates must understand the importance of diversity and equity and engage in opportunities to promote social justice.

5. Candidates must develop competence in the skills and dispositions that allow them to engage in effective leadership and advocacy.

6. Candidates must develop strong skills in order to effectively collaborate with all stakeholders for student learning.