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Certificates/Trainings in UNI Teacher Education Program

During Level I

OSHA - The UNI Teacher Education Program asks all teaching majors to complete this training one time before they begin their first field experience at UNI.   The UNI Athletic Training  Program asks their students to complete this training every year.  OSHA training is NOT a licensure requirement, it is a field experience requirement.  This training will be good for 5 years.  Once students graduate and are employed by an Iowa school district, they will be required to complete OSHA training every year.

SING Background Check- The UNI Teacher Education Program requires MOST students to complete this background check one time during their program of study.  The SING Background Check needs be completed before students begin their first field experience at UNI.  The exception is Early Childhood Majors who must complete a SING Background Check every two years.

FBI background check - Only for Early Childhood Education Majors.  This additional background check is required by the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS).  This background check is valid for four (4) years.  No other majors need to complete this special background check.

During Level II

High Risk Behaviors and Substance Abuse - The UNI Teacher Education Program offers this training each semester to its students.  This training is offered on campus in a classroom setting.  The High Risk Behaviors and Substance Abuse training is an initial licensure requirement, so each student needs to complete it before UNI can recommend a student for license.  The training will be good for 5 years.

Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse Training- Since passage of a law in 2001, licensing boards require a person who regularly examines, attends, counsels, or treats dependent adults or children in Iowa to accurately document compliance with training requirements on abuse education and/or dependent adult abuse, upon issuance of licensure.